To Sauce or Not to Sauce

To Sauce or Not to Sauce

We don’t sauce our meat. Conventional wisdom in Kansas City has been that if you don’t sauce your meat, it’s not barbecue. We made a conscious decision when we opened Crazy Good Eats BBQ in May, that we wanted our guests to experience the flavors. If you want to enjoy tender meat that is the best quality, taste it first.

Then… you can decide to sauce or not to sauce.

The top 3 reasons we don’t sauce our meat.

1. We meticulously prepare the meat with brines, injections, marinades layers of seasoning, to create a flavorful, tender meat that will shine on its own.

2. We slowly smoke our meats, to deliver tenderness and balancing smoke with the meat’s seasoned richness, to create our distinct flavors.

3. “We’ve got nothing to hide!” We want our customers to experience the full enjoyment of great meat. Only then will they know the right amount of sauce, if any, is wanted.

Crazy Good Eats developed our sauces to complement our smoked meats.

  • Competition Sauce – sweet and tangy, a perfect balance of KC sweet sauce and Carolina style tangy sauce.
  • Red Eye BBQ sauce –our competition sauce base with enough heat for a kick, without overpowering the meat’s flavors!

Bottles are 16 oz. and cost $5.95.

Crazy Good Eats offers a full menu of smoked meats and smoked, house crafted sausages.

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