6 Advantages of Barbecue Lunch Box Catering

6 Advantages of Barbecue Lunch Box Catering

Sure, Crazy Good Eats Championship BBQ buffet lunches are great when you have the space and time, but barbecue lunch box catering helps you provide a delicious meal and keep your agenda on track.

Consider 6 advantages of barbecue lunch box catering:

  1. Boxed Lunches are easy!
    The choices are simplified. Each box is clearly labeled. It’s compact and organized, easy to carry and clean up. This also makes it easier for the planner / coordinator. 
  2. Each lunch box is “right sized”.
    Boxed lunches provide a balanced meal and everyone gets one of everything! 
  3. Boxed lunches are fast!
    Your guests can grab and go. It helps you keep the meeting going, and it saves time for your guests to get some other tasks out of the way before your meeting resumes.
  4. Boxed lunches help reduce waste.
    If your guests don’t finish their meal they can simply pack it and enjoy the rest later. 
  5. CGE Boxed Lunches Can be Personalized.
    Barbeque lunch box catering gives you and your guests flexibility. Provide 2-3 options, or allow guests to fully customize their meal.

    For example, choose a box with brisket, ham, turkey, or a salad topped with pulled chicken, a dessert, napkins, utensils, etc. Then choose from sides like potato salad, BBQ beans, etc. OR mix it up with lighter items like fruit or a side salad.

    Or, boxes can be personalized for each guest, including special dietary needs, i.e. vegan, gluten-free, etc.
  6. Ordering is convenient. CGE will provide pre-order menu forms so the meeting planner can complete the lunch planning task ahead of time, quickly and easily.

Try Crazy Good Eats Barbeque Lunch Box Catering

  • Championship Quality Smoked Meat BBQ Sandwiches.
  • Innovative sides and fresh salads.
  • Boxed lunches start at $7.99, delivery is available (on orders over $100). 
  • We guarantee we’ll be on time. If we arrive more than 5 minutes past the promised time, we will give you $50 off your next order.
  • A CGE barbecue boxed lunch reflects positively on you! Your guests will be wowed with a lunch that exceeds their expectations.

Contact us to schedule catering for your next event: boxed lunch or full-service, we’ve got you covered.

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