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Iconic Kansas City Foods to Serve at Your Wedding

Iconic Kansas City Foods to Serve at Your Wedding

Wedding food used to be simple — chicken or beef? — and let’s face it, also a little boring. These days couples are personalizing every aspect of their wedding, and one of the best ways to give guests a taste of your personalities, as well as set a mood, is through food.

It also happens to be one of the best ways to represent Kansas City to your out-of-town guests. If there’s one thing you can say about us, it’s that we love food and we do it well. Which means that whether you’re looking to show off KC with late night snacks or through your main entree, there are plenty of iconic Kansas City food options to choose from.

Here’s a few of our favorites:


Is there anyone in KC who doesn’t pick up a tub of Topsy’s (or mooch off of one) around the holidays? From cinnamon and caramel to classic cheese or butter, Topsy’s is the tops with flavors to please everyone. Treat both in-town and out-of-town guests alike to a popcorn bar either as part of your cocktail hour appetizers or as a fun late-night snack. Trust us, this is just the treat they need to keep the dancing going through the night.


If you’re serving beer at your reception, there’s no better way to rep KC than with original hometown brew, Boulevard. Whether you go with kegs or bottles, there are so many different options you can’t go wrong. Planning a fall wedding? Try offering seasonal Bob’s ‘47 alongside classic crowd-pleasers like Pale Ale or Unfiltered Wheat. Or offer up one their fun lighter fares, like Tropical IPA, for a summer bash.


Looking for a local liquor option? Have fun with Kansas City’s Prohibition-era past by serving Tom’s Town cocktails. Tom’s Town is a specialty distillery that draws its inspiration from our city’s most corrupt political boss, Tom Pendergast, and calls to life all the Gatsby-esque glamour of the 1920’s. After all, you may share Pendergast’s Prohibition motto — “the people are thirsty.”


There may not be anything Kansas City is more famous for than our meat and BBQ, so why not give your guests what they want and serve it up at your reception? From KC specialty burnt ends to smoked meats like pork and brisket, there’s no better way to both show off your hometown and create a familial atmosphere at your wedding. Plus BBQ pairs fantastically with Boulevard Beer, especially when served up with a side of cheesy corn, slaw, and beans.


Nowadays brides know there are so many more dessert options than simply cake! And whether you’re looking for an option to include next to a traditional cake, or a beautiful favor to send home with guests, you can’t really go wrong with Christopher Elbow’s Artisan Chocolates. Elegantly-decorated, these little chocolate squares come in creative flavors sure to sparkle tastebuds — from Bananas Foster and Lavender Caramel to Champagne and Butterscotch Bourbon.


Another fun dessert — or even late-night snack — option is doughnuts! There are many options around town for doughnuts, but LaMar’s is a classic, with roots going all the way back to 1933. And again, you have a flavor option for everyone, from original glazed and apple fritters to pineapple or strawberry cake doughnuts.


Kansas City has quickly become a destination for coffee lovers, boasting a large group of coffee roasters. Why not continue the Kansas City love when it comes time to serve coffee after dinner? From the Roasterie to Oddly Correct, you’ve got options, and they’re all delicious.


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