Take-Out and Catering:  Meals Made Easy

Take-Out and Catering: Meals Made Easy

According to MarketsInsider: “Take-Out and Catering is the new paradigm to dining out.” Take out and catering is not only a great option for busy families but provides variety, with high quality food and service for business and community organizations too.

And why not? Look at these benefits!

The top reason for the rise of take out and catering is convenience. Life is fast paced, with high expectations to maximize productivity at work, and a long to-do list at home. Saving time with take-out means you can provide a healthy meal while navigating your hectic schedule with a quick call.

Take out and catering options can be time and event appropriate, with choices like high end meals, buffets, box lunch sandwiches and salads, breakfast sandwiches, and bar and drink options. You can upgrade your meeting, engage in social community, relax in family interaction, or “grab and growl” on the fly. 

We all want and expect reliable, professional service. This creates confidence and a tendency to frequent your favorites, with peace of mind that the food quality and customer service is consistently good. 

You read reviews, and we do too! We love it when our customers take time to share their experience online. For example, we can’t say it better than Katie: “We still get so many compliments on how amazing the food was! The staff at Crazy Good Eats was really helpful throughout the whole process. Many of our out-of-town guests want us to take them when they come in town! We highly recommend CGE BBQ as a caterer for an event, or just somewhere to eat!”

Personalized Service
Personalized catering service begins with good communication. Whenever we have the opportunity to develop ongoing relationships with our business and community catering customers, we get to know their preferences and offer suggestions to change-up “the regular”. We can make the meeting planner’s life easier by helping with volume of food and drinks, how to balance the menu choices, and event logistics. Requests like last minute changes, dietary issues like gluten and other allergies, vegan, etc. are easily addressed. The customer is also treated with exclusive offers, rewards programs, custom menu items, etc.

Third Party Delivery 
While delivery services fill a need, according to Restaurant Business, many customers prefer to deal directly with the restaurant. They feel they can rely on the communication and the relationship for the order to be accurate. Also, if needed, they feel more confident that remedies are easier to obtain. Third party delivery options can be expensive, and some favor the use of chains, and not your local favorites. 

Whether you dine-in, take-out, choose box lunches, or full-service catering, CGEBBQ makes mealtime easier. Your guests will love our award-winning barbecue and stand-out side dishes, check out our restaurant menu here, and find more information on catering here.

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